Demonstration of new developed rotary engine

Hydraulic rotary engine

Rotator_Techmateq GmbHThe company sales since 2008 customer specific hydraulic rotary motors, those are successful in use among others in construction machinery. Based on this experience the specialists of the company have developed a modified program on rotary engines. Currently, the first prototypes will be assembled and supplied to the load test.

The newly developed flexibly applicable systems are characterized by a number of advantages:

  • The strengthened bearings take better on all axial and radial forces and the resulting tilting moment.

  • The tightness of the complete system is also ensured through a new system of the bearing assembly. All gaskets have been rearranged and now they hold pressures up to 500 bar.

  • The distribution of connections as well as the fluids has been optimized and now ensures maximum lifetime at minimal gap losses.

  • During the optimization could be completely waived the problematic fluid distribution plate and can be maintained high starting torque and good braking performance.

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