Test phase of powerful rotary motor

Successful test phase of the powerful rotary motor of Techmateq GmbH.

Rotator Drehmotor Techmateq GmbHRecurring damage to wear of engines, leaks and eventually downtimes strained the nerves of operator and cost money. Techmateq GmbH supplied the better alternative in many cases and then decide in 2012 to push their own development of rotary motor.

The rotary engines that are already available on the market are constructed for specific purposes and often keep not forces of the machines.

The challenge was to build a rotary engine so massive that he has been growing over the long term for harsh operating conditions of machines.

An all-round rotary engine had to be!

Rotatory Techmateq GmbH

Construction principle is based on the gerotor and can be used in conjunction with orange peel grab, demolition hammers, drills and winches. The 360° rotation angle works continuously. The services range from 150 to 350 bar operating pressure on 3.600 Newton meters. So can be easily handled in practice most difficult work.

By materials Techmateq GmbH relies on high-quality and high-strength steels.

Rotary engine was compared to existing alternatives on market equipped with salt-resistant seals to allow underwater work.

Test phase of rotator of Techmateq GmbHAn electric cable bushing makes the additional wiring harness to unit superfluous. Due to the gerotor principle, the required oil amount can be added exactly and so can be achieved desired position to the engine.

The bearings are duplicated and thus have almost no wear.

All stressed parts of the rotary engine are designed with double safety on the respective associated request.

End of September 2014, the engineers of Techmateq GmbH undergone the endurance test the rotary engine with test office and positively completed the test phase.

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