Induction heating for special steels

Induction heating for special steels

With the laser, steel components can be joined very quickly. So far technology failed for high-strength grades. With an induction coil that warms up the weld, Techmateq offers now a solution.

Induction Heating Techmateq

Bridges, Pipelines for gas, oil and chemicals, ships cranes are often made of high-strength steels. So far, the components cannot be welded by laser. There are often cracks in the seams.

In addition, the welds are often too brittle. Laser welding under inert gas, a particularly fast process, cannot be used in these cases.

Welds without cracks

Techmateq now offers a solution to take advantage of. Immediately before the laser beam, which melts the material to fill the seam, is mounted a coil, through which a high alternating current flows. It creates an electromagnetic field that penetrates the workpiece and heats it up. Thus preheated, the weld closes without cracking. In addition, it is less brittle, so there is no risk that it breaks under heavy load.

The new method is particularly suitable for welding sheets with a thickness of up to 20 millimeters. Depending on the sheet thickness, the laser beam can be moved forward at a speed of 0.75 to 2.5 meters per minute. The seams can be closed with this technique in one go. That saves time, above all.

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