Hydraulic hammer and power pack

Completion and inspection of the hydraulic hammer

HydraulikhammerThe specialists of Techmateq GmbH have through technical inspection performed extensive testing and final acceptance of the first hydraulic hammer including power pack and components.

Hydraulic hammer with a patented drive produce reliable, safe and maintenance-free a stable capacity of up to 280 kNm.

Hydraulikhammer Hydraulikhammer

Autarkic power pack generates the necessary energy with an output of 640 kW. The latest diesel technology allows it to reduce energy losses to a minimum. The Arctic version of the Power Pack allows the work even at freezing temperatures of up to -40 °C.

The hydraulic hammer can be used both as on land, on inland waters as well as on the sea for use. The individual end-user considerations are successfully been incorporated into the conception and make in project-related use of the hydraulic hammer (construction of a port) work even more individual, more efficient and more productive.

After the successful test, the plant was, with a total weight of about 43 tons, packed seaworthy, customs cleared and delivered to the end user in Russia.

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