Evaporation technology

Projected by Techmateq GmbH evaporation technology - This is a robust solution for complex wastewater.

Verdampfer Techmateq GmbHIn most production processes - be it chemical or food industry, electroplating, die casting processes or metal processing - fall process wastewater that cannot be launched in the nature without expensive treatment before.

In most cases, process wastewaters contain not only turbidity and solids well as dissolved heavy metals, surfactants, etc. Chemical-physical treatment followed by biological treatment doesn`t bring desired effect. Still usable ingredients will be lost in treatment.

A reliable solution to solve these objects represents by Techmateq GmbH projected evaporator technology. This technique not only prepares the waste water on, but also concentrates the ingredients and produced from the wastewater released almost a recyclable process water. This can usually eliminate the discharge of wastewater. Fresh water resources will be preserved and reduce the quantity for disposal.

In our ongoing projects in Russia and in Belarus we calculate with single-stage and multi-stage evaporator columns. To be evaporated waste water is put into forced circulation and ensures through the resulting turbulences better heat transfer and prevent any potential soiling. By the generated vacuum evaporation occurs at low boiling temperatures. The resulting water vapor will be re-used for heating of the whole process.

In early October, the process engineers of the company Techmateq GmbH have completed ongoing technical discussions in Russia and Belarus.

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