EuroBLECH 2016: World Class Manufacturing

In what direction is sheet metal processing developing new technologies? What are the advantages of intelligent automation solutions? And what opportunities does opening up for new plants?

All these questions are key for new solutions, with which we as Techmateq want to offer faster and more professional matching products than ever before.

Integrated automation: The next stage of automation will be cross-process systems that act intelligently. Automation that goes beyond just the individual process step. This allows a continuous production flow to be created. This is the highest level of productivity that a company can achieve in manufacturing.

Increased flexibility: Until now, there was always a trade-off between fast and flexible. Now integrated machine systems are expanding the rules of the game. In future, you will be able to produce small series or individual mass products at conditions similar to standardized large series.

Visions are the basis for innovations that enable us to internalize and optimize the process landscape sustainably.

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