CeBIT 2017: Drones in real use

The fields of application of drones in the business environment are becoming ever more diverse. Equipped with a sensor platform, the unmanned airplane is a great future.

CeBIT 2017: Techmateq-Dronen

The representatives of Company Techmateq GmbH already see a broad spectrum of applications of drones in the energy, offshore and environmental sectors.

CeBIT 2017 impressively shows in which different scenarios digitally controlled drones have meanwhile been put to good use and how new business potentials are being developed.

The Company Techmateq is working together with BaurEngineering on new maintenance and inspection methods, that sensibly supplemented own product range. The drones produce in their flight inserts over an oil platform, remote pipeline or existing power line extensive data, which are analyzed, visualized and converted into usable results in the control station. The results may, for example, form the basis for decisions, such as the need for servicing or reparation of the installations.

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