Submerged arc welding machine!

Submerged arc welding machine with a high deposition rate

Spatter absence, high values regarding deposition rate, weld quality and thermal efficiency characterize submerged arc welding. Submerged arc welding of Lincoln realizes these advantages at mechanized and automated submerged arc welding.

A specific advantage of submerged arc welding machine is the quick and easy adaptation to other tasks such as submerged arc welding flat workpieces with butt and fillet welds or for build-up welding.

Modular system allows individual adjustment to submerged arc welding tasks

The DC welding machine DC1000 plus welding head NA5 plus undercarriage form basic equipment. Because the UP-systems are designed according to modular system, User can adapt his system quickly and easily to different submerged arc welding tasks, like use single-wire, double-wire and tandem or build-up welding. He has choice between DC having a flat or falling characteristic curves. All structural components are made symmetrical, so they can be assembled to mirror-image versions easily.

Identical mounting whole pattern allows make it possible to implement different combinations of special applications. During welding process controller maintains by different wire lengths current and voltage constant. Undercarriage complements DC1000 optimal. He leads welding head in normal position (vertical position) or on programmed side of carriage optimally desired welding position. Pneumatic powder suction and laser pointer feature are standard.

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