Our values

Techmateq GmbH regards itself as a quality provider, with extensive service and sets Value on innovation, durability, and low resource consumption. We combine economic and ecological interests and thereby take our responsibility for the environment and conservation of resources seriously.

Long-term partnerships

We act as a reliable partner and support our customers throughout the entire operating life of their plants. We show initiative and respond to the wishes and needs of our customers, by providing the highest customer benefit, excellent quality, innovative brands and technologies.

Respect, challenge and develop people

We value every employee and encourage their professional development. We treat each other with respect and are committed to those, whose safety is a top priority in our actions. We expect independent action and a high level of performance of each individual, to ensure our success as a company.

We focus on mutually profitable working relationships and productive personnel development in order to ensure that both our clients and our employees are satisfied. We expect honesty, open communication and loyalty to clients, suppliers and colleagues. Socially and ethically acceptable behaviour and respect for local laws are the basis for the international cooperation.

Helping to shape the future

We stand for technological leadership, innovation and quality. Results from our research are incorporated into our experience.