The requirements for offshore installations differ significantly from those in the onshore sector. High wind speeds and strong waves ensure high dynamic loads. As a result of the salt-containing environment, a higher risk of corrosion is added.

Optimal solutions for offshore technology

Techmateq Offshore

Techmateq brings a new way of thinking in the infrastructure development in the field of energy and communication for the promotion of a balanced solution. We reflect on maritime solutions and ensure greater efficiency for our customers. The needs of owners, operators and investors are met and the environment is improved.

Sustainable maritime development

Pipelines, port terminals, transhipment points and transport links require continuous investments to the trends of global offerings and developments in offshore and onshore areas. At Techmateq, we use integrated maritime expertise, business analysis and financing, environmental impact assessment, operation and safety to create the most creative ideas for new and renovated maritime infrastructure.

Our track record in sustainable planning, the expertise of our staff and our understanding of clients’ business models, all underpin solutions that inspire confidence for our clients.