Environmental protection

With the increasing consumption and the waste and wastewater volume grow. But only about one third can be sorted, cleaned and recycled. Techmateq understands the lifecycle of products and strategic resources, such as water and energy.

Complex solutions

Techmateq Environmental protection

We help our customers to consider the use of limited resources through effective design and development of streamlined systems. Techmateq finds better solutions for the prevention, reuse and reprocessing of waste and wastewater, as well as to recover energy from waste. We come with tailor-made systems plan for combustion, sorting, water treatment and disposal concepts.

Techmateq delivers solutions across the entire life cycle, from waste and water management strategies and waste disposal solutions to innovative, sustainable and affordable recycling and waste recycling designs.

International experience

The management of waste and sewage and the use of resources are global challenges. Our practical experience with corporate clients in Western and Eastern Europe helps in many contexts to find the solutions for the latest technologies of recovery of resources and energy from waste and waste water, as well as the practices that make landfill and treatment plants less harmful to health and the environment do.

Our international network combines local insights with international competence. We build teams to meet the needs of our customers, whether they need strategic, technical or environmental consulting, planning or business case modeling, infrastructure design for waste and sewage systems or project management.